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Meet The Team

Levity Air Services was founded to be able to do more for the aviation community. With 20 combined years of experience, we want to utilize that knowledge to help bring aviation needs into the future.

Oswaldo (Jose) Azuaje

Oswaldo had always known that being a pilot was his dream. Currently he has over 400 hours of experience flying in South Florida and always looking for new and exciting ways to advance his education and career. Recently, he obtained his spin and tail-wheel endorsements, ground instruction ratings, and is currently well underway in obtaining his CFI-I.

Services Director

Joshua Chouinard

Josh is a man with a passionate love of cars and planes. Growing up plane spotting, he surrounded himself with like-minded members of the aviation community. He co-founded Levity to share in the experience, to grow, and to give others the opportunity to make their aviation dreams a reality.

Connection Director

Nicholas Candelier

Nicholas obtained his pilot’s license before his driver’s license; since then, he has obtained over 200 hours as a private pilot. Some of this includes some IFR training, motor gliders, and helicopter experience. In 2010, his career began with the FAA as an air traffic controller starting at Boston ARTCC. In 2014, he transferred to Miami TRACON, where he is actively involved in NATCA, education seminars for high schoolers, and safety workshops for pilots of all ages.

Director of Operations

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